The Flic Hub LR has local LIFX LAN support, but the functionality is quite limited. It only allows you to toggle power state, turn a bulb on/off or change its colour. The only other option is the ability to trigger a scene via the LIFX Cloud. This post details a third option, which is leveraging a local Photons Interactor server to do complex transfomations triggered by a Flic.

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My Flic Hub LR and Flic 2 buttons finally arrived today and as my primary automation system is HomeKit, I set about working out how to get them integrated via Homebridge. The result is a generic Homebridge plugin that creates a StatelessProgrammableSwitch which is identical to a Flic in operation. It supports three press events: single, double and hold, but doesn’t maintain state.

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I’m a huge fan of Homebridge and use the web interface provided by homebridge-config-ui-x extensively. I’m also a huge fan of Caddy to automate the creation and management of HTTPS-based websites using Let’s Encrypt. Lot’s of people ask me why I’m such a fan of Caddy and it’s because configuring it to reverse proxy something is usually pretty easy. In this case, the Caddyfile for homebridge-config-ui-x is as simple as:

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